Sick Note enquries


We are asking employers to be reasonable in the current crisis. This is an evolving picture with guidance changing on an almost daily basis.


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Request for medical certification from absence of work related to the Covid-19 pandemic


Your employee has been absent from work from _ _ / _ _ /2020.


The reason for this is that they are following current Government and/or Public Health advice related to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Specifically, this is because;


c They are symptomatic (7 days)

c They are symptomatic and continue to be after seven days

c Date fit to return to work (where applicable) _ _ / _ _ / 2020

c A household contact is symptomatic so they are required to self-isolate (14 days)

c They are following government advice for high risk patients as they suffer with:

___________________ _____________________


Due to the current pandemic and pressure on General Practice, we are prioritising the urgent medical needs of our patients and will not be providing a medical certificate for this absence.


By law employers may use their discretion around the need for medical evidence if an employee is absent from work for more than seven days due to sickness. We would ask you to apply this discretion to help support NHS general practice provide care for our population rather than being asked to fulfil unnecessary administrative tasks.


Should you decide on taking disciplinary action against an employee purely on the grounds of being unable to provide the sickness medical certification relating to Covid-19 pandemic we would make it very clear in any disciplinary/grievance/tribunal reports that under the circumstances we would deem your action inappropriate.


Many thanks for your assistance during this challenging time