Demographics of the Patient Representative Group

The Patients Participation Group was formed as a group over the last few years. We have collected over 2000 email addresses of our patients (nearly 30%) of the practice size. We advertised our patient group via posters at the surgery as well as consulting the local pharmacy. An invitation was sent to 2000 patients inviting them to join the PPG. On the initial email inviting them, demographic information was also collected so that we could ascertain the makeup of the group and have a wide a base as possible. All new patients registering will be welcome to join. 150 patients responded wishing to join the group. We take on new members if they would like to join



18-24 1.5%
25-34 2%
35-44 16%
45-54 14%
55-64 30%
65-74 24%
75-84 11.5%
85-94 1%


Female 55%
Male 45%
Full-time 41%
Part-time 16%
Permantly sick 2%
Looking after the home 5%
Retired 36%
White British 91%
White Other 6%
Black African 0.75%
Asian Indian 1.5%
Chinese 0.75%