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Recent Comments

Always great staff
Wonderful staff
This has been my family GP for generations, would likely recommend to others
Very helpful and professional, always feel reassured
Always excellent. All staff are kind

Excellent Nurse
Good staff

Good Service
Quickly rearranged appointment
I am extremely well looked after at Burford surgery, I feel really lucky. Peaceful waiting room and always friendly receptionists
Dr Willby and Dr Albert are exceptional GPs who action necessary health care when required to other services, there is absolutelty nothing they do not understand
Friendly, efficient staff and always making time for you in an emergency

Good Service, only change would be to make the phone message easier for people who are hard of hearing to get through straight away not hearing everything on the phone
Lydia the nurse gave the most painless blood test I have ever had
I had a really quick appointment which is appreciated as I was worried. Dr Albert was great as was the receptionist
Doctor has an excellent rapport with his patients- just how a GP should have in my experience. Having worked with the NHS for the past 16 years or so as a patient representative I am very impressed
Good service
Awesome staff
All efficient staff

I have always had the most thorough attentive consultations at this practice- my experience of all the staff is that they listen, are friendly, look for solutions and are proactive in seeking the best care for me.
It has been helpful to have telephone appointments and email contact for results and information and follow ups.
The Practice never gives up on there patients. To make the experience better would be a soft play area for kids and a water fountain.
Appointments are always available and staff are friendly
Courteous and considerate staff
I had to call 3x and each time I had to listen to Dr Willby for 2 minutes, surely it is possible to have a facility to skip it if we have already heard the message?
Very good service
Good speed of service
Excellent practice

Receptionist was very kind and helpful and doctor was great with my daughter
Great service
I felt listened to, extremely likely to recommend to friends and family
Very quick service
The appointment (NHS Health Check) was informative, reassuring and something I would recommend to friends and colleagues to do so. Lydia gave excellent customer service, the follow up (referral for gym membership) was very prompt and will ensure that "I act whilst the Iron is hot" and my intentions are fresh in my mind. Thank you
Receptionist was very helpful and friendly when I rang for an appointment, also Dr Albert was great with my 7 year old
The doctor was helpful, informative and efficient. Very impressed
All working at this surgery are most helpful with a very pleasant manner which puts patients at ease. I do not think there is anything that could make my experience of this surgery better
I came today to have a blood test with Lydia and her treatment was first class, she was very pleasant in manner. Nothing to make this experience better

Likely to recommend service to others
Dr Doris was a very good doctor
I did not have to wait long and the doctor was very helpful
Extremely likely to recommend the service to others
As a new resident to Burford we have been exeptionally well treated and have experienced improvement in my health because of this
A friendly, competent, professional practice
Dr Doris is very helpful, pleasant to talk to and a good new member of the practice

Good advice and seen quickly
Fab practice
Attentive, extremely likely to recommend to others
Burford is the BEST surgery with lovely staff
Always good and prompt service
Always on hand to help, stay as you are!
Good care from nurses and doctors, happy with the service
Extremely likely to recommend Burford Surgery to friends and family, in all the years I have been a patient with Burford I have never experienced treatment to begin to compare with what I get here
Polite and friendly staff, Fantastic doctor Dr Willby and receptionist helpful
As ever my medical problem was dealt with knowledgeably, efficently and in a friendly manner by the Doctor Dr Doris

Extremely likely to recommend as same day appointments
Quality of care from all staff
Easy to book appointments
Dr Clark listens to me
Very quick appointments
Really helpful receptionists, quick and easy to get appointments and great nurses
All good staff here
Dr Clark actually listens to me and takes me seriously and took time to make sure my mental health was ok
Extremely likely to recommend to friends and family
Please move the hand sanitizer to be fitted to the wall above the check in screen (bottle is currently empty) and update information on the TV Screen

Thank you for the reminder - the TV information screen has been updated.

We are delighted that the appointments are now much quicker and continuity has been improved with our revised appointment system.

Very friendly staff

Excellent practice

Always excellent and caring service, always willing to help

Always polite and available

I was seen very quickly and a very positive outcome was received. A referral letter was available in 30 minutes after the appointment and I was able to see the nurse within 80 minute

Extremely efficient service. Confirmation by text both prompt and courteous. First class service

Excellent service and care as always

Always helpful courteous and professional. No comment to make the experience better other than more of this kind of service from other surgeries

Excellent doctors

Quick appointments

Excellent service, pleasant and helpful staff

Excellent care from my nurse last week, she was so clear and kind in her manner

Screen needs updating on the tv and no paper for children to write on

I give Burford Surgery Doctors and staff 10/10. The last 3 appointments I have seen Dr Austin and Dr Morris they were very helpful and understanding. Thank you all.

Excellent Doctors- especially Dr Willby and Dr Albert who always go the extra mile

I was seen very quickly. Louise was very efficient!

Prompt service

Extremely likely to recommend because I got my appointment very quickly and the doctor was very nice

Splendid as ever!

Great doctor

From start to finish I was always updated via text and email, when I phoned up the receptionist was on the ball and very helpful. Well done all round

Everyone is always helpful and polite, cant fault the surgery in anyway

Please change the music in your waiting room as it is not soothing and can only increase blood pressure or anxiety. Thank you for everything you do!

Likely to recommend service to friends and family but have more doctor's so there is no wait time to see someone

Nice doctors

Great people

Extremely friendly and listen to what we have to say

Professional receptionist, Doctors calm. To make the experience better would to have music in reception with "happy" music

I am always treated so kindly. The appointments are prompt. The receptionists are well trained at assessing the severity of the call. I think I am amazingly fortunate to be a patient with this surgery

Amazing service and quick appointments

Thank you for your positive comments. We shall take your suggestions regarding the music to our Patient Participation Group. We have tried a variety of sources of music over the years and nothing unfortunately meets everyones requirements. Classic fm has seemed the most popular.

Alayne Crock the practice nurse provides and excellent and reliable service

Great nurse with excellent knowledge and very clear and reassuring

Amazing patient and understanding from staff

Professional and caring nurse

Excellent nursing service

Very friendly, caring and professional staff

Seen promptly and xray suggested to find out ongoing problem

Knowledgeable and reassuring

Excellent and attentive advice

Great advice

Kind and efficient service

Good experience

No-one is too busy to help you when you need help, always friendly and caring, what a great practice!

On the whole burford Surgery provides a good, if not excellent service. Do a good job within the constraints and pressures of the NHS

Very helpful phoned back when a cancellation became available which was very good. Very good at sorting out my prescription (when there is a problem) within a day.

The medical staff are very good and pleasant. To make the experience better would be the wait for an appointment at the moment it is unacceptable 2-3 weeks.

Alayne is very helpful and makes everything seem ok!

The Doctor made an appointment over the phone with me for 16.35 at 17.22 I was still waiting to be seen! Don't make appointments just tell patients to come and wait.

We are sorry for the delay. On the day emergency appointments with the Duty Doctor will not have a guaranteed time. Unfortunately emergencies can occasionally take quite a time to deal with especially if the doctor has to contact the hospital/organise ambulances etc. I am afraid it is always an approximation when giving an appointment time in this situation. However we should be better at keeping patients informed. Thank you for your feedback.

Efficient and very pleasant experience

Lovely staff nurse Alayne

Your doctors completely get how to listen and reassure whilst still proactively managing ones health

Always excellent service and extremely competent Doctors

Good blood extraction and not too painful

All great staff

I have always been taken care of by you all

Quick, friendly and effective

Blood test was very efficient and Juliette was kind

Very helpful staff

Very good service

Great care by Juliette

Burford surgery is first class all round (doctors, nurses and receptionists!) I highly recommend this surgery to everyone

All the staff at Burford are so welcoming and friendly, I feel that everyone wants to help you Doctors and staff alike

When I've been promised a phone call the Doctor always calls and very quickly

Always received good treatment and treated very well by all the staff

To make the experience better quicker appointments please

We are delilghted to have taken on 2 new partners which means we have increased the availability of appointments to our patients. This will take time to feed into the system and hopefully will reduce the wait for a routine appointment. Urgent matters are always dealt with on the same day.

There is always a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with professional service

Excellent service

Very good service

My appointment was for 17.15 today and then patients were told whilst in the waiting room that there would be a half hour wait (it was good to be told). Why not when the delay is so long to phone or text patients to let them know running late.

Debra Barnes response

I am sorry you had to wait to see the doctor, and am pleased that you were informed of the delay. It is not possible to inform people of waiting time delays as we simply do not have the resourses to do this.

Very quick and efficient

Quick and good service

Good with time keeping and care

Very nice staff

Pleasant and efficient nurse

The new doctor was good and you also got a second opinion which was very reassuring

Caring Service

New pink chairs please

When I came in to make an appointment for my son to have his injection I felt uncomfortable about the receptionist mentioning the injection by name. The waiting room was full and anybody could have heard! Later when making a follow up appointment I was loudly asked for my Date of Birth again I felt this was unacceptable. Please could patient confidentiality be respected.

DB answer

I am sorry you were made to feel uncomfortable however the receptionist was following the correct protocol. We specifically ask for date of birth to protect the patients confidentiality, it means the name of the patient is not requested and also ensures we find the correct patient on the system. The receptionist would need to know what injection your son was having as the nurse has different times allocated for different types of injections (for example, travel injections, childhood imms) - I hope that clarifies this for you.

Everyone is very helpful

Good Service and nice doctor

Extremely likely to recommend they answered all my questions

All I read is bad news, this surgery is first rate 5 stars

We were given such a prompt appointment when we rang in this morning

I always receive excellent service

Always very friendly and efficient, brilliant Staff and doctors

Could not get appointment with doctor for nearly 3 weeks, you need to be able to get an appointment a lot quicker

Very likely to recommend service to others, I saw the nurse

Efficient, speedy service and on time. To make the experience better for me will be to get an appointment in less than 2 weeks

The staff are outstanding in all disciplines, warm reception by all, well appointed surgery in Burford and Carterton

Good Service

Denise and Alayne provided excellent nursing services

Doctor was very nice

Very good service

Very helpful and useful

Juliette Potter the nurse was lovely

Really good service

Good Doctor

Quick service

Caring Doctor that gave me time and understanding

Dr Kothari is wonderful- very supportiveand responsive, she has a wonderful manner

Efficient, helpful, excellent medical care

Perfect service

Personable receptionist. As the "front line" of the surgery, and as a place where people visit because they are unwell, the manner of the first person of contact is paramount.

Gp supportive, empathetic, Superb.

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Short waiting time and extrememly pleasant and thorough

Very good care

Friendly, competent and efficent staff

Great doctors

Fast and friendly staff

After phone call to practice manager about an appointment, I was upset by her comments. "I must be ok because I am out of bed and talking to her on the phone" Needs training about phone manner

We are very sorry if this comment came across badly. It was not intended.

Staff and doctors are so helpful, surgery always looks tidy and welcoming

I have always been treated well and am more than satisfied with my treatment

It would be so much easier if a different type of test is done here for INRs instead of sending to hospital for reading

We have been here many times and everyone here is lovely

Whichever GP one activaely sees, they always listen to you and respond to ones needs promptly. They treated my mother in law with great care and respect for her individual needs during her gradual decline through alzheimers

Good service provided

Good information given, very friendly and approachable nurse

Very obliging, caring and extremely polite staff

Good service

I was seen very quickly

Staff are excellent

Very good staff, extremely likely to recommend

Always kind and show true empathy

The doctors are all very nice

Extremely likely to recommend because they are very helpful

You have been a great help to my mystery face rash

Very nice people at the surgery

People are friendly and staff are great. Well done Burford Surgery

Very friendly, very co-operative and very effective surgery

Extremely likely to recommend for the promptness

Parent and child car parking space would be helpful, as its difficult to get a baby out of the car when people are parked close- the spaces are not big enough

Excellent all round, efficent service! Please pay only relaxing classical music, general classic music is way too loud, fast and misses the point of calming everyone down

Fast and efficent service as ever

Good service and care

Nice doctors

All very helpful staff

Dr Albert is a good doctor, extremely likely to recommend

All staff are very friendly and helpful, all doctors and nursing staff are extremely good

Good Practice and lovely GP's

All the staff are fantastic, receptionists are polite and reassuring and do their best to help, Doctors are all thorough and professional- best care I have ever had

Unlikely to recommend as I can never get an appointment, they need more appointments to see the GP's

We are very sorry to hear you have had problems. We will always see people the same day for anything urgent but regret the wait for routine appointments has become longer recently. We hope that we give patients an adequate time to enable the problem to be addressed in a quality way but it is a compromise between access and urgency. We would be very happy to explain this or answer any queries - please ask to speak to our practice manager or email

Extremely likely to recommened the service to friends and family as they always go the extra mile

Extremely likely to recommend the service to friends and family

When I was unwell recently I was very impressed with the treatment received

Came in for appointment for my 8 week old to have her immunisations in Carterton, the doctor and nurse who attended that day were amazing! Normally my little girl doesn't like going to the doctors but this day she was happy and didn't make too much of a fuss, I was also given very good advice

Everyone is always very pleasant and helpful, experience would be made better if there is a clock in waiting room

All GP's are responsive to my needs, they do this in a caring manner and are very effective- the surgery is exceptionally well lead, I feel safe and secure when visiting my GP

Quick service

Availabilty of GP's is good, sympathetic and very helpful

Good Service

Good Experience

Good doctors and helpful

Very Good Surgery

Seen immediately and the doctor was very nice

Always very helpful

On time and efficent

Dr Albert was very kind and helpful

Lovely staff

Helpful, attentive and caring

Usually no problem at all however I had to wait an hour for my appointment, no communication at all from reception as to how long I would have to wait and why, it would have been nice to been kept informed

A very friendly and welcoming environment, excellent treatment, you can always be seen when it is urgent

Waiting area is very pleasant and cheerful, staff are friendly, very satisfied with the surgery, excellent service

Extremely likely to recommend practice to friends and family

Dispensary provide a good, efficent service

Very pleasant doctor, did not feel I was wasting his time

Many years of helpful care

Never let us down, always very friendly

All the doctors/nurses have really supported me through a difficult time

Waited too long for appointments

Very professional and precise, look after their patients well

Prompt service, friendly and helpful

Superb GP's and always accomodating, to make the experience better I suggest INR tests to be finger pricked and instant reading would be much more beneficial and convenient instead of sending to the lab

Always get an appointment when needed, DR is always helpful

Prescription staff unhelpful and I will go elsewhere

Organised about giving appointments, all very professional. Nurses are brilliant! Couldn't wish for more- we are very luck to have this practice

Alayne is fantastic, very reassuring and caring, felt very well listened to, clear and helpful advice was given

Professional staff

Great staff

Dr Willby was an excellent source of knowledge and made me feel unrushed and reassured

Everything that we discussed was first class information given

Incredibly supportive and felt I was listened to

Prompt and pleasant service

Always had an excellent service

Very friendly staff as always, merry christmas and a happy new year to you all

Very kind and helpful

Quite sufficient, Dr seemed in a hurry

Extremely likely to recommend, have been a patient at Burford Surgery for 50+ years

Dr helpful and polite

Good surgery

Short waiting time and helpful doctor

Very prompt service, very pleasant and helpful

Calm, efficent, caring and professional staff

Efficent and quick

Efficient and caring

A great surgery

I have been with this practice since I was pregnant and now my children come here with their children, highly recommend

Very sensitive, kind and caring

Doctor had such a positive and warm attitude, excellent, thank you Dr Clark

Friendly staff

Prompt treatment

Very professional and friendly

All good service and advice, very friendly

Friendly and efficient

Seen within 5-10 minute wait

Great place and friendly staff

Can not fault the service provided

Great communication between the staff

Everything is fantastic

Dr Albert was sensitive and offered good explanation and treatment pathways on investigations

Always a prompt friendly service, best doctors I have ever had!

Very prompt, personal, thorough and caring practice- which is amazing in this day and age. We particularly can not fault the fabulous love of our babies/children whenever there has been an issue (large or small) at short notice. Thank you Burford Surgery

Good Experience

Surgery is very welcoming and all the staff are always helpful

Dr Hancock was very clear and calm with his diagnosis and treatment

Very Quick appointment and pleased with the way it went

Always first class

Dr was very understanding, compassionate and thorough

Very quick appointment and pleased with the way it went

Good Service

Excellent nursing service

Helpful and caring staff

Service is always excellent (except for the new telephone system!)

Always take me seriously. Always find me an appointment quickly. GP's phone me quickly if I leave message/email and I need to be seen. Thank you very much- especially Dr Purvis

I have been very well looked after, take time to talk about current health concerns- treatment was ordered and meds sorted.

Staff are efficient

Wonderful as ever

Very good experience

Good service and professional attention

Quick and simple painless procedure, great friendly advice given

Excellent care and lovely staff

Great service, very efficient

Very good experience and all staff are extremely helpful

Quick, friendly and informative

Efficent and friendly

Extremely happy

Lovely nurse, had plenty of time to explain things

Always have great advice and extra tips re my asthma care and the best place for pain free blood tests

Quick efficient and considerate consultation


Practice is very efficently run, reception is sympathetic and they help find appointmentd as quickly as possible, GP time is given practically but personally, the prescription service is very convenient. The reception area is "happy" and comfortable. The nurses are great

The Staff: Doctors, nurses, dispensary and reception, All are lovely and calm manner, and most helpful and sympathetic to ones needs. Excellent surgery

Cindy is very nice and reassuring lady, this makes such a difference as a patient

I'm always amazed at how quickly I can get an appointment, this is nicest, most friendly surgery. The receptionists are always sympathetic and never seem judgemental and I am not sure you can say that about every GP practice!

Efficent, friendly and well run, if this practice can do it then why cant others? Great management

Approchable, considerate, good listeners, extremely professional

Every time the door opens a huge draft goes through the waiting room (could therre not be another glass section to the other side of the door and then a 2nd entrance door?

Dr Willby is an expectional doctor, she always seems to understand my health condition and how it impacts my life

Friendly and genuine surgery

It helps me to sign in to make the doctor aware I am waiting to see them- thank you

First class advice as always

Very understanding

Brilliant Surgery

Thank you once again, feeling very happy about the service I access here

Friendly and took time to check general health as well

Excellent all round service

Got the help I needed

28 minute wait but was prepared to wait as appointment was booked within 2 days of calling, a massive improvement to previously

Doctor was exceptionally good with my son (nearly 4), because of her manner he was very co-operative and the appointment was a great success

Excellent surgery in comparison to others

Very thorough and caring nurses

Always a good service

I always get a sympathetic hearing from my doctor/nurse

Quick appointment and very friendly staff

Good service

Plenty of time and good advice given

Good consulation with the nurse and offered chaperone and procedure was explained

Excellent service and a high level of care

Time and time again appointments are late within the surgery, with no notice given to the patient. As appointments are like gold dust I find this highly unacceptable and a complete waste of my time

Alayne is great and always makes you feel at ease

Excellent nursing care

Very good practice

I am always treated kindly with respect

Very prompt and the job was done well and with a lot of care

Treatment and care I have received has been first class for my ongoing neck and shoulder problem

Taken the time to talk to us

Friendly and efficient

A fast professional service

Very punctual and friendly nurse

Friendly and helpful

Professional friendly service

Excellent service both on telephone and surgery consultations

Superb as ever

On time appointments and excellent staff

Listen perfectly

Prompt and efficient

Quick efficient and helpful

Quite Superb

The alternative NHS options I would not recommend from the local area

Very personable and thorough

Extremely likely to recommend from experience

Very kind doctor

Very nice nurse

On time and helpful

Very good practice

Service is good

Quick service and nice staff

Excellent service from Dr Clark and his medical student


Excellent and prompt and doctors pay attention

Dr Haslam was very friendly and professional

Very thorough and pleasant

Excellent nursing team and brillian staff

Great as always

Would like to express my gratitude to Dr Clark for checking against bowel cancer and establishing that I had. Also to Dr Purvis who rang me at 7 pm advising me to go to Eye Casualty the next day. the result is establishing that I have ectropian of let eye and will have an operation on 7th Oct

The appointment was on time, no waiting and the nurse was very gently, kind and positive, Many thanks

Friendly, kind, efficient, clean and punctual

The surgery has patient's care at its heart, which is the most important aspect of the practice

I just think that my doctor was so kind and very understanding and did advise me on future appointment

Excellent service

This is a good place because you tell the doctor anything

I found your service very friendly and useful

Great care and advice

Had to wait for thirty minutes then a bit for a prescription
"we are sorry you had to wait but sometimes the doctors have to see patients whose problems make them run over the appointment times allocated. The dispensary dispenses as quickly as they can but are extremely busy and have to work through their list in a safe way to ensure that patients get the correct drugs"

A pleasure to join as a family, have dealt with note transfer well (as complicated cases), friendly service, all staff want to help and keep in contact as promised. Extremely caring and careful attention with follow up phone calls and emails. I feel really confident in both the doctors and nurses

Excellent practice! Nothing to improve

Happy doctor, kind receptionist, easy service and calming experience

Excellent care

Really kind doctors (Doctor Albert)

Polite service

Received an appointment after two days off phoning and was seen on time

Friendly and kind staff

Brilliantly run surgery, well organised with lovely staff

Very friendly staff, very helpful, honest and I feel like they really care

Extremely likely to recommend to friends and family

Good doctors

Good staff

A good and thorough consultation

Fast, friendly service

Efficient and friendly

Saw GP on time and was treated with care

Friendly and understanding

Professional and friendly

Appointment on time, fast service

Excellent surgery, only thing that would be better is if INR tests and results could be done here rather than being sent away for results

The receptionists are very polite, helpful, understanding and patient. Nurses are fantastic, often giving advice voluntarily. Doctors, all the doctors who have helped/seen mum have been kind, understanding, very patient and helpful- can’t thank them enough

Every time I visit the surgery either for myself or on behalf of someone else, I realise what an excellent practice is it- staff are very helpful, polite and cheerful and I have found the dispensary staff particularly helpful and understanding e.g. when there had been a changeover of carers and the interim carer had forgotten to renew the prescription the dispensary staff would always renew the prescription as a matter of urgency for me. Wonderful practice- which we don’t always get at other practices unfortunately

Brilliantly run surgery, well organised with lovely staff

Very friendly staff, very helpful, honest and I feel like they really care

Extremely likely to recommend to friends and family

Good doctors

Good staff

A good and thorough consultation

Fast, friendly service

Efficient and friendly

Saw GP on time and was treated with care

Friendly and understanding

Professional and friendly

Appointment on time, fast service

Excellent surgery, only thing that would be better is if INR tests and results could be done here rather than being sent away for results

The receptionists are very polite, helpful, understanding and patient. Nurses are fantastic, often giving advice voluntarily. Doctors, all the doctors who have helped/seen mum have been kind, understanding, very patient and helpful- can’t thank them enough

Every time I visit the surgery either for myself or on behalf of someone else, I realise what an excellent practice is it- staff are very helpful, polite and cheerful and I have found the dispensary staff particularly helpful and understanding e.g. when there had been a changeover of carers and the interim carer had forgotten to renew the prescription the dispensary staff would always renew the prescription as a matter of urgency for me. Wonderful practice- which we don’t always get at other practices unfortunately


Excellent patient understanding caring and yet extremely professional inspiring confidence

Extremely friendly doctor

Very good service

Dr Hannah was brilliant

Excellent personal service

Very helpful

Seen at exact time by Cindy very pleasant and efficient nurse

Excellent professional care and understanding of my problem

Excellent service as always

Very good personal treatment

Very pleasant and helpful


Dr Hannah was brilliant

Excellent Personal Service

Very Helpful

Seen at exact time by Cindy (HCA) very pleasant and efficient nurse

The Nurse was very nice, knowledgeable and helpful

Very professional and appointment is never rushed

The doctor was very useful

Nice Nurse

Very good experience and very helpful

Fast friendly efficient prompt

Brilliantly run surgery, wellorganised with lovely staff

Good service from the nurse

Professional and friendly

Long wait and normally hard to get same day appointment but today I got a swift appointment and despite a long wait I was given
Plenty of time by the Dr

Friendly Staff

Staff helpful as always

Shingles vaccination administered by nurse was beautifully explained to me

The surgery is incredible at taking time to listen

Very good service and pleasant knowledgable doctor

I was told good advice to help with my problem

The doctor listened to everything I said and was extremely helpful

Perfect Service

Very professional but also very caring and relaxing, covering all the points

Very good nurse

Prompt and friendly, reassuring service

Lovely team

Efficient and friendly

Totally professional service

The nurse was on time, efficient and professional

Friendly and thorough

Excellent Service

Very good consultation

Staff are vert friendly, no matter how stressed you feel

Great Service!

Disappointed that I have booked my appointment in advance, to then be told I am not booked on the system. This is unprofessional and the receptionist staff should ensure all bookings are confirmed with patients

Very easy to communicate with, friendly staff. Even when clinics are running late they do not rush and get the patient out quickly, all staff make patients feel really comfortable. Admin staff and dispensary are always welcoming, friendly and determined to help whether over the phone or face to face

On the whole it is an excellent practice in every way

The care at Burford Surgery is always excellent. I have been registered here for over 20 yeard and would highly recommend this practice. Wonderful care

Tremendous service and kind staff, very professional at every level with my help and patience

Friendly staff and excellent service

Unlikely to recommend as waiting time for appointments is a long time and doctors run late

Excellent Service every time

Most doctors in the practice care about the patients welfare and look for the best treatment options

Standards have dropped, no automatic reminder to have BP checked if you are on medication, very difficult to get a referral, much to difficult to get an appointment if not immediately urgent, should have weekend cover


Our response:

We are sorry that there seems to have been a booking error and can understand your frustration.  Without knowing all the details we cannot investigate but we will use your comment to underline to the receptionist the need to show care and confirm the booking with the patients. 

We note the comment that doctors run late.  We always try to run to time but this can prove difficult when emergencies come in and need to be dealt with.  We have reiterated with reception to let patients know if the doctor is running later than 15 minutes so they can re-book if necessary.  We have been reviewing our waiting times and am delighted to say that we shall be recruiting a new salaried GP in the New Year which hopefully will ease the wait for routine appointments.

We have a comprehensive recall system for all patients on medication and have a nurse specifically working on hypertension.  You will also note on your medication when you collect if from the surgery it will highlight if you need a medication review and the receptionist will book that in for you when you collection your medicine.  The surgery does not work at weekends but there is a OOH service run from Witney, to use this service you need to dial 111 and you will be forwarded to the correct department. 

As usual I have received a person centred approach from my gp today. Burford surgery has a great team, doctors listen to any current concerns and give you options, doctors are professional and nothing is too much trouble, the admin team and other staff are equally professional and remember your name! I highly recommend the service here

Plenty of time to discuss issues properly

Very helpful and efficent

Friendly efficient effective to all our family and its needs – Well Done – thank you

Never had a problem with Burford Doctors hence why I moved back to the catchment area of Burford Doctors – Keep up the fab work.

Doctors here are pleasant

Excellent service from Burford and Carterton Surgeries
Very good service, very caring
Excellent caring Drs, excellent service, wouldn't dream of going anywhere else
All the staff are friendly and professional - nothing is too much trouble
Always accommodating, very friendly and understanding staff. GPs, nurses and reception staff all top class
We were seen very quickly and the doctor was extremely good with my daughter who was very nervous
My husband has a variety of needs (medically) and his care has been excellent, thoughtful and very efficient, for where we both are very grateful
Since I moved to this area 10 years ago I have found the care and consideration I have experienced that this is by far the best surgery I have known
Very Good Care

• They always do their best for me
• Caring, professional, pleasant
• I would recommend it because it is local for Burford and villages – The toilets are often dirty, bins full, wall beside the sink needs painting, dirty water runs all down it. Nasty
• Sick of waiting 45 minutes to be seen. Why text a reminder? Why not text to say we are an hour behind, don’t rush?
• Excellent service – 25 years
• Great staff, always friendly and very helpful, obviously a well-managed practice!

Thank you for your comments.
We have changed cleaning company and a 'deep clean' is currently being carried out. Please let us know if you find any other problems.
I am afraid our current text reminder service doesn't offer this service. All our doctors start on time and I hope the delay reflects that fact that some patients need longer than the 10 minute appointment. A good reminder for our receptionists to inform patients if one of the doctors is running late.


• Friendly, helpful have time to listen. Only problem is length of time it takes to get a non critical appointment with a doctor
• Amazing service, lovely team, well done
• Always well looked after – ditto my wife
• Always so helpful – only comment feedback would it be possibly to book appointments online with nurse as well as GPs

Unfortunately it can be difficult to book nurse appointments on-line as appointments vary according to the appointment type (for example we allocate much longer for a cervical smear than a straightforward injection appointment) and the on-line booking system doen't take this into account. We hope this will be taken into considertation for future updates.

• The Doctors and Staff are always helpful and friendly – A professional Surgery
• Always helpful at Reception
• The Doctors here are kind and appointments easy to get, I always feel well looked after and never feel I am wasting their time. They are also generous with their time
• Excellent service over many years by doctors and nurses and support staff
• Because the response rate/speed in seeing or speaking to a doctor is so quick and helpful. Arrangements for re-prescriptions are generally excellent and blood tests with the nurse promptly organised. Instant attention to childrens illnesses and problems has been superb
• Always able to see a doctor when urgent
• Don’t get telephone appointment when booked
• It is a very good place and I would recommend this to my family but not everyone in my family
• I have found it relatively easy to get appointments and have been satisfied with the advice/referrals advised
• Never seen on time

Thank you for all your lovely comments.
Waiting Time – unfortunately some appointments take longer than the 10 minutes allocated and this can have a knock on affect for the rest of the day

Absolute professionalism, courtesy, understanding and help in every part of the practice!  By far the best surgery practice in my 27 years of being a patient

Wonderful service and fantastic doctor (Dr Willby)

All the staff are very friendly and helpful , which is just what we need when we’re not feeling well – I have been a Burford patient for more than 70 years

Good Doctors here

It’s always a pleasant experience both on the phone or when visiting the surgery, everyone is friendly , efficient and accommodating. This would appear to be far from the norm, we are very fortunate, thank you.

Easy to get an appointment, especially with children

Service is prompt and friendly, and the doctor is very sensible.

Caring, competent, on time, well-equipped, as near to perfect as reasonably possible for any service to be.  This is based on my experience of GP surgery, local community hospital and major teaching hospital

Difficult of making an appointment with an doctor – long wait – extremely long wait on the day of appointment, no board indicating late running , no apology from reception, over 40 minutes wait