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We welcome feedback from our patients both good and bad. This will help guide us if we can realistically improve the service we provide.


'Friends and Family' test

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Comments from the last few months:

  • Absolute professionalism, courtesy, understanding and help in every part of the practice!  By far the best surgery practice in my 27 years of being a patient
  • Wonderful service and fantastic doctor (Dr Willby)
  • All the staff are very friendly and helpful , which is just what we need when we’re not feeling well – I have been a Burford patient for more than 70 years
  • Good Doctors here
  • It’s always a pleasant experience both on the phone or when visiting the surgery, everyone is friendly , efficient and accommodating. This would appear to be far from the norm, we are very fortunate, thank you.
  • Easy to get an appointment, especially with children
  • Service is prompt and friendly, and the doctor is very sensible.
  • Caring, competent, on time, well-equipped, as near to perfect as reasonably possible for any service to be.  This is based on my experience of GP surgery, local community hospital and major teaching hospital
  • Difficult of making an appointment with an doctor – long wait – extremely long wait on the day of appointment, no board indicating late running , no apology from reception, over 40 minutes wait


• The Doctors and Staff are always helpful and friendly – A professional Surgery
• Always helpful at Reception
• The Doctors here are kind and appointments easy to get, I always feel well looked after and never feel I am wasting their time. They are also generous with their time
• Excellent service over many years by doctors and nurses and support staff
• Because the response rate/speed in seeing or speaking to a doctor is so quick and helpful. Arrangements for re-prescriptions are generally excellent and blood tests with the nurse promptly organised. Instant attention to childrens illnesses and problems has been superb
• Always able to see a doctor when urgent
• Don’t get telephone appointment when booked
• It is a very good place and I would recommend this to my family but not everyone in my family
• I have found it relatively easy to get appointments and have been satisfied with the advice/referrals advised
• Never seen on time

Thank you for all your lovely comments.
Waiting Time – unfortunately some appointments take longer than the 10 minutes allocated and this can have a knock on affect for the rest of the day

• Friendly, helpful have time to listen. Only problem is length of time it takes to get a non critical appointment with a doctor
• Amazing service, lovely team, well done
• Always well looked after – ditto my wife
• Always so helpful – only comment feedback would it be possibly to book appointments online with nurse as well as GPs

• They always do their best for me
• Caring, professional, pleasant
• I would recommend it because it is local for Burford and villages – The toilets are often dirty, bins full, wall beside the sink needs painting, dirty water runs all down it. Nasty
• Sick of waiting 45 minutes to be seen. Why text a reminder? Why not text to say we are an hour behind, don’t rush?
• Excellent service – 25 years
• Great staff, always friendly and very helpful, obviously a well-managed practice!

Thank you for your comments.
We have changed cleaning company and a 'deep clean' is currently being carried out. Please let us know if you find any other problems.
I am afraid our current text reminder service doesn't offer this service. All our doctors start on time and I hope the delay reflects that fact that some patients need longer than the 10 minute appointment. A good reminder for our receptionists to inform patients if one of the doctors is running late.


Other survey results.

  As a practice involved in teaching a training postgraduate doctors we are regularly inspected. See recent reports

  National reports on the service (GP Practice survey carried out by Ipsos Mori for NHS England). See recent report

The following is taken from the report title:

What this practice does best

75% of respondents usually wait 15 minutes or less after their appointment time to be seen
Local (CCG) average: 66%

96% of respondents say the last GP they saw or spoke to was good at treating them with care and concern
Local (CCG) average: 88%

95% of respondents say the last nurse they saw or spoke to was good at involving them in decisions about their care
Local (CCG) average: 86%

What this practice could improve

88% of respondents were able to get an appointment to see or speak to someone the last time they tried
Local (CCG) average: 90%

98% of respondents had confidence and trust in the last nurse they saw or spoke to
Local (CCG) average: 98%

84% of respondents would recommend this surgery to someone new to the area
Local (CCG) average: 83%

Patient Participation Group

We have a representative group of about 150 patients who have kindly agreed to be consulted on various matters by email.

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If something has gone wrong:

Medical care is increasingly complicated and often lots of little mistakes can build up to a bigger error. We would like you to let us know if things have gone wrong so we can try to correct them.
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Making a complaint.
If you wish to make a complaint about the services you have received from the practice the please contact our Practice Manager, Debra Barnes, on 01993 822176.